I Am Thankful For…. My Thanksgiving Boots

This weekend past I had a very lovely Thanksgiving. I sat around with those whom I consider my second family and shared all that I am thankful for- including pink salad. I would like to share with you, friends, something else that I am truly thankful for (because I can’t feed you pink salad online…).

Boots. These boots from Locale. Yippee!!

I know, I know, I know, they look plain and simple, thus I must continue. They rock. They kick ass. They are the Glise boot from Locale and they are mine. Hooray! Might I add that they are soo comfortable- between an inch and a half platform and thick heel my feet (and yours if you pick up a pair) will *never* be sore in them. I must say more- they are lined with fuzzy warm comfort so when the last of the leaves fall up here and the great Canadian winter begins to show, my Glise boots might stand a bit of a chance. I continue, they are leather. Not the cheapy crap that is so easy to pick up, but a soft, soft “I am made of leather!” sort of leather in a lovely chestnut colour.  Winning. I continue a bit more, with a simple statement: almond toe. The perfect shape, right? Not round to say “I have a round toe and will look fairly off if you try and dress me up” and not a pointed toe that screams “I am heavier than a duck [aka a witch]” (For all you Monty Python fans). Or “I want to look European, but I am only Canadian!”

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that these boots are great. My first Locale encounter in an attempt to curb my Visa bill from an Ebay order of last years Greenwhich Belted Boot (post coming soon) has proven to be a success- for now.

Hope you all had a wonderful Canadian Thanksgiving. We all have much to be thankful for- alot more than 6 closets full of shoes.


One thought on “I Am Thankful For…. My Thanksgiving Boots

  1. Awesome boots. I love the color, they will look stunning as you walk around with the Autumn colours in the trees (and on the ground). Then as Autumn turns to Winter the fuzzy lining will keep you warm and comfy. Rock them like only you can.
    I’m having my Canadian Thanksgiving this Monday in Sundre Alberta. And yes you are right, we have a lot to be thankful for.

    After seeing your new boots I guess I should bust of my cognac Steve Madden boots. These ones http://www.flickr.com/photos/39715038@N00/4329503469/in/photostream

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