Christian Louboutin Very Mix 150mm

Thanksgiving is over (practically), Halloween is coming up, but I’m going to just skip ahead and say “Hey E, how about these for my Christmas shoes this year??”

Well I find them quite festive. I absolutely ADORE (understatement, but I have no other words) the red and gold combination. Obvious for the holidays and obvious for a great colour combination but the hue of the materials really just curb stomps you. Right? Though such an eclectic mix of spikes, studs, and strass, Christian Louboutin has given me yet another reason to love him. So very cheery, so very badass and so very Louboutin. Sure there is nothing really new about the shoe, we’re talking about a traditional Louboutin peep-toe, materials we’ve seen before and sky-high platforms that aren’t quite throwing me off balance. Yet these Louboutin Very Mix 150mm are just a volcano to me; bubbling and going off like fireworks on your feet. You can’t blame me for letting nothing resist me except the 3500 big ones they cost. Time to call my dad on this one…

Oh and pee-ess: They also come in gold.


7 thoughts on “Christian Louboutin Very Mix 150mm

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