Fashion Week Highlight Spring 2012: Balanciaga

Runway show after runway show I keep holding my breath for shoes that turn my head. The pace has finally been picked up and I continue to be amazed and intrigued. This is what went down at Balanciaga:

A brief recapitulation of the previous years studded rocker trend- why not as its possibilities are boundless?

Vibrant colours and cool animal prints under bands similar to those from the first picture. Beyond interesting cuts, for some reason the word ‘dangerous’ is coming to mind. I see these shoes as a challenge- try to successfully style them with something more than tights or black leggings for every day use.

Though I enjoyed the show, the best I can describe the product is “Megatron hits up the runway” Boxy shapes everywhere. Primary colours mixed with prints, materials and offshades to produce, for lack of better words, an oddly beautiful, futuristic mess.  Now check out these shoes. I’m pretty dead on, aren’t I? Now look at the heel. Interesting right? A doorstop mixed with an ant trap. Not to ver bash Balanciaga- if I didn’t find these unique and inspiring they wouldn’t be up here. But that is what comes to mind.

For a while I was a little concerned about my lack of inspiration and interest towards some of the FW shows- very unlike me. What has gone down in Europe has given that spark back. More updates to come.




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