Milan Spring 2012 Highlights: Missoni

When I don’t have the energy to type- which unfortunately has been quite often lately, I find something to do the talking for me. This evening I vote that the Missoni Spring 2012 collection takes the wheel. All the blues and all the shoes… there really is nothing prettier.

Missoni is a fashion house that I’ve always admired from a distance, yet I never find myself getting too close. Not because I’m not keen on the product being pumped out, but because I always take note of what is going on there, mean to dive in a little deeper, but get distracted by a bigger name before I get the chance.

Missoni is a big name, there is no denying it (Missoni for Target! Woop Woop!).They just seem to get lost in the shuffle when their work is equally, if not sometimes more stunning, than what is happening on the frontlines of fashion.. Perhaps after ogling such beautiful footwear I should finally take that dive. Time to let the shoes and you readers do the talking, it is time to jump in!

Ps- Some really great Paris and Milan goodness coming your way!Absolutely stunning right? Told you.


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