FW Spring 2012 Highlight: Betsey Johnson (Because it is FUN)

And now ladies and gents, an incredibly lazy post with a simple question for you:

What are your fashion week/autumn trends/ anything really, highlights so far? I am still a bit of a sicky, and now exhausted, rockin’ some flannel penguin jammies.

I’ll start with one of mine to get things rolling (it was hard to pick)

Betsey Johnson:

Not because I am a fanatic (I use the word like, not love with her label) or because I would kill for that pink dress (true), but because her show was so much fun. Just straight up fun. No models sporting faces like they have to drop a deuce. No reprehensible combinations of clothing, texture, colour that I am willing to forget 10 seconds after viewing. The clothes are attainable and just scream “I’m totally hot and badass but I love pink and girlie things so I’m actually really cute.” Double entendre clothing? Hah!

If you haven’t figured it out, I wasn’t overly thrilled with NYFW but Milan and some London shows has made up for it. Paris will make up for anything. Back to what I was saying, I’m going with Betsey Johnson because it was simply fun.. Like lollipops, cartwheels, sparkles and “ohemgee” times fun.

So back to that question, what about you?



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