The Bare Bones of it All: Dsquared2

Good morning and happy Saturday! Between teaching, the flu and lots of E-cooked yummy meals, I’ve found that the week has flown by without much chance to update.

Although we are in the midst of fashion weeks and the sights of new trends, lets just take a moment to step back and remember these.

Dsquared2. Remember? You probably should as they are legen-dary! So simple yet so amazing. I don’t know about you but sometimes when the Spring and Fall shows come around I see designers, models, people in general just trying too damn hard. And I mean, all we really need is a badass pair of shoes. Simple and unique…. flippin’ dinosaur shoes? Bone shoes? Skeleton booties? I’ve heard it all but either way, this pair of footwear just kicked your ass. You totally love them.

As it is time for me to go back to laying on the couch, accompanied by a box of kleenex and the seasons premiere of Greys (Did anyone watch? Thoughts? I love the show but I’m honestly a little tired… but I can’t be the type of person that has seen every episode and then just stops.) I bid you farewell and a wonderful weekend.



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