You’re Just Too Good to be True, Can’t Take My (Googly) Eyes Off of You…

Just a little break from all the Fashion Week madness that has been going around lately. Lets check out these FANTASTIC Louboutins instead!!

You know they’re totally cool right? Right! I absolutely love love LOVE these and know I need a pair (I know I need a pair as when I showed E them he also said I need them. This is saying something!) Unfortunately these googly-eyed Louboutins are selling out fast.

A signature and standard Louboutin design- thick platform, 5 inch stiletto, comfortable sling back, peep toe, that signature (and patented?) red sole  and something added to make the shoe currently the funnest thing for your feet. Seriously now, I cannot get over these. Sure the picture looks a little silly but and they might be a little ‘out there’ but if you think about it, when it comes down to the bottom of everything, they are just another regular back Christian Louboutin slingback… meaning they are perfect, and easy to work with.

What do you think? I am absolutely cross-eyed over them! I am all eyes. I’ve got my eye set on you. Eye think Christian Louboutin is onto something.  Alright, alright I’ll stop… it’s just that eye can’t help myself.

Sorry friends, its been a long day and eye think that I’m funny.


5 thoughts on “You’re Just Too Good to be True, Can’t Take My (Googly) Eyes Off of You…

  1. LOL oh you’re too punny!
    I love Christian Louboutin and these shoes are adorable. I don’t think I could splurge on this style though (I try to only buy the classic Louboutins as they already make my cc cry), but I hope to see some girl out & rocking them!

    • I couldn’t resist with the puns… I am a sucker for that nerdy humour. I know what you mean about the splurge. It is a little scary, yet I am being called… Rent or shoes? hmmm….
      Thanks for stopping by talktomyshoes!

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