NYFW Spring 2012 Highlights: Part II

As we continue to scope out what is coming our way in Spring 2012:

Bows, sunshine and sensible heel heights at Tory Burch. I’m actually quite enjoying that honey yellow/orange. It was an extremely big day for TB and I have to say that I saw nothing but the very best.

Oscar de la Renta: Interesting…. attempts at creating different looks with the outline of an oxford pattern… Funny as I truly enjoyed the mix of pastel and bright colours- it was totally fun any playful, yet I couldn’t bring myself to post the look of these shoes with socks, which is how it was mostly being done on that runway. Hmm… Thoughts?

Oh man! Nothing but BADASS at MK this year. Okay, so I probably wouldn’t wear the boot/sandals but they DO look pretty sweet. What I would most definitely love to get my hands on is this jacket. Dear Jacket: You will be mine. Looking forward to meeting you!

These were ALL OVER Marchesa’s runway. I’m quite enjoying the cut of the wedge, it gives such a simple shoe all the spunk a shoe could need.

Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs for Dior? Has anyone heard anything? Thoughts? Rumours? Hmmm, these are just feeling extremely Lacoste to me and its not just because of the colour. Nice lines, comfortable, sporty. Well done and an undeniably talented designer but if this was an ‘audition’ for the house of Dior… I wonder… Racist or not I still adore Galliano.

Thoughts, feedback and discussion on NYFW… and go!

All photographs courtesy of vogue.com


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