Handbags for Autumn: Tory Burch’s Amanda

Every girl needs a perfect bag. Err, let me rephrase that, every girl needs a perfect clutch, perfect evening bag, hobo bag, handbag and crossbody bag. I’m just trying to excuse myself for my grow purse collection (and I don’t plan on stopping) but I think you, dear readers, understand what I am trying to say.

Last night I think I realised (as I had found it quite some time ago) my next perfect bag- the “Amanda” bag by Tory Burch:

You agree, yes? Obviously. The shape of the pebbled leather is perfection, the straps versatile for hand or shoulder- to accompany that travel mug, marked tests and other teacherly items, the colour too. Let me explain, summer and light purses: obviously. Spring and light purses: obviously as you are getting into the mood for summer. Fall and light purses: to balance your neutrals, to keep that sunshine and warmth from the summer with us. Winter and light purses: Obviously. Because you know how pretty it looks when the snow is all glittery and you have a cream Tory Burch on your shoulder to offset the snow.

Do I need to say more?

I am smitten over the large TB emblem on the front of the bag. It’s something I’d bring out on my trips down the street with me and (this is totally going to sound snooty but I don’t even care) people look and the bag screams “Yeah, you wish you were me” And you know, it is true; most of those other bags wish they were TB.

For more from Tory Burch and the Amanda Tote, click here.

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7 thoughts on “Handbags for Autumn: Tory Burch’s Amanda

  1. I love the color of the bag. Great pick for this upcoming season and will match with every outfit.

    check me out @lisaalinh.wordpress.com

  2. WOW great bag. I love the color. I don’t carry a purse or bag, but a good friend of mine…now she would LOVE it.

    I’d like to check out some of the TB Reva flats but I’ve never seen the out here.

    Thanks for the great post.

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