Calgary Shopping Round Up 2.5: Another Trip to Arnold Churgin

Good morning and happy Monday!!! I figure that as many of us have this day off, I should take some time to say hello. My sincerest apologies for the lack of updates over the past few weeks- as I mentioned I am starting my new job and in the process of starting a new routine (I’m desperately trying to become more of a morning person…) Give me another week or two and then we will be seeing eachother regularly again, but for now, we will just have to embrace what scattered posts I give you.

As mentioned many times before, about a month ago now I was back out west visiting my family. Whenever I head back to Calgary I always always always make a trip down to Arnold Churgins. These boots (but in the knee length version) are what happened.

And yeah, I totally grabbed the blue pair. Now imagine the boots on the shelf, myself grabbing them despite my moms eye not being too keen. I admit, they looked to be a little much on the shelf but I had a feeling and sometimes we just have to follow our gut. I’m glad I did. I haven’t been able to take them off since the purchase. They are surprisingly more versatile that one would ever expect- especially with the shade I chose. Not so surprisingly, they are extremely comfortable (cowboy boots= always comfortable, Arnold Churgins= always comfortable). The suede and the leather mix give balance to the shoe and the studded details are perfection. These boots could not get any better.

For more from what is easily one of my favourite shoe stores, click here.

PS- The other amazing thing about Churgins is that there is almost always a sale. Seriously, stop what you’re doing now and just go check it out.


One thought on “Calgary Shopping Round Up 2.5: Another Trip to Arnold Churgin

  1. Nice boots, I can totally see you wearing the blue ones. Arnold Churgins is a great store to shop at. I often frequent the one in Market Mall. The ladies there take really good care of me. What difference is it to them, a sale is a sale.

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