Guess What? No Really, Guess.


For me, Guess has always been one of those stores that is a real hit or miss. I either like the product because it is simple, cute  or feminine with a little edge, or despise it because it looks something a streetwalker, gina or 16-year-old girl going to the bar would wear. I admit I have a few items from Guess that I adore; floral dresses, over priced jeans that I cannot stop wearing and some really great wedge sandals.


While snooping online for my next potential Guess purchase (because you can’t find those great items that are few and far between if you don’t check!) I stumbled across these. Since I started work this week I have absolutely been pining over denim. Each morning is a little heartbreaking as I turn away from my beloved jeans and opt for trousers. I’m not sure if these shoes are a result of this sense of loss but I do feel that they are quite sweet. I like the mix of denim and brown leather, you really can never go wrong with it. The material is quite balanced in the make of the shoe and the stitching detail adds a bit of extra uniqueness.

Batini wedge at Guess. Guess what? Click here.



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