An Almost Shopping Spree: J.

Apologies for the lack of updates within the past week and a bit. My life is hectic (but still lovely) as I deal with planning a new school year and battling sciatica- the unfortunate treat for my back/leg has a name. I feel as if we are now quite well acquainted. The school year officially kicks off after the long weekend, though I have already been enjoying class with my PreSchoolers; they all look like cute little cabbage patch kids with light up shoes. I am lookig forward to a great year with them.

Anyway, just sharing with you quickly the result of my fake online shopping spree on the J. Crew website. Can you tell I am totally into the Autumn shades we see each season? A discussion a while ago with my frequently mentioned Aunt has got me thinking so much about colour this year. I’m a sucker for burnt colours, I love deep reds and am generally bias towards a warm palette.

I suppose we could say this is the footwear I would like to be rocking in the classroom but unfortunately I have confined myself to flats and sandals until I am pain free. Sciatica my dears is a real pain in the ass (often literally) leaving me to dream of suede and snakeskin shoes.

Also, don’t you think it would be excellent if J. Crew could smarten up and really come to Canada? And by that I just mean to have a location in Ottawa… and Calgary and wherever else I happen to be. I’m sure hell will freeze over before that happens but we can only hope. As for now it will be online and trips down to visit my southernly neighbours.

Check out what I wish I bought:

If Michelle Obama swears by J. Crew I’m sure you can too. Click here for more.

ps- the next week or two may be lacking in the blog updates. There is a lot of work to plough through before a new routine is established.



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