Calgary Shopping Roundup II: MK Joan Satchel

I have mentioned before that I spent the early part of this month at home in Calgary visiting family and doing some mad shopping. I’ve shared a few pairs of shoes with you but have been meaning to show you this for a while: The MK Joan Satchel.

Jealous yet? I know a few of you are. And I’m also sure a few of you are not surprised. My Mom and I made our regular pilgrimage to Chinook to aid our Michael Kors addiction, and to put it no other way, shit hit the fan. A bag each later and a dent on the Visa card (sorry Daddy!!!) the Joan satchel came into my life. I’m not usually one to obsess over bags. I mean, I like bags… I love bags, I love MK, but this satchel and I are still on our honeymoon.

The leather is SO soft, like, almost as soft as my dog after a bath and tidy (is that a weird comparison? Probably, but Casey is the cuddliest little thing ever after he’s groomed so I’m really trying to say something about the quality). The satchel doesn’t look big but it holds everything. Joan has a crossbody feature, locking zippers and is incredibly spacious. Although I nabbed the bag in the ‘luggage’ colour because I like the vintage flare to it, there is a pretty wide selection including a pretty red and purple for A/W.

Mr. Kors designed the Joan bag specifically for his mother. Maybe one day he will design a ‘J’ bag. I wonder what it would look like?


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