How To: The Waterfall French Braid

The other night I attended the final party of the summer for CG. It was a great night filled with fancy dresses, food, dancing and a little more wine that I should have had… I love going to these types of events because I always enjoy putting together the perfect outfit. It’s silly, I really do mean perfect as I plan absolutely every aspect of my outfit. This year in particular I really decided to mix my look, choosing colours and a hairstyle that I had only learned to do the night before.

If you know me, you know that I love watching Gossip Girl (in my next life, I will be Blair Waldorf). Naturally I was home one afternoon, sneaking in an episode between prepwork for the Fall, and fell in love with Blair Waldorf’s hair-do.

See what I mean? This is called a waterfall french braid, and after many many tries at it, it became my goto hairstyle for the night. It was love at first sight really. I can honestly say that never in my life have I received so many compliments on a hairstyle- or my hair in general.

So, how do we waterfall french braid?? You look it up on Youtube. Or you hangtight and read my sad attempt at explaining the steps….

1) Grab a section of hair- curly or straight, divide it into 3 strands and begin as you would a normal french braid. Make sure you are braiding tight enough that nothing is going to slide. Because it really sucks when that happens.

2) Add hair to the top section, like a normal french braid. Instead of adding hair to the bottom section, release the bottom strand and add a completely new strand to the braid. This is the “waterfall” bit. I’ve also seen this done with thicker strands where the bottom strand is simply split in half and a small section of that strand is added back into the braid. I did my hair by adding a completely new strand.

3) Repeat. Repeat alot. Repeat until you are fed up, or until your arms hurt. Or, until you have run out of hair to braid across your head. Thats the signal for when it is time to pin or tie the end of the braid

4) On the other side of my head I french braided a section of my hair just to my ear- the meeting place for both braids. Pin or use that (invisible) elastic from before to join the braids.

5) Add a little hairspray if you want, and then go show off your rad braids.

Braids are constantly trending. They’re like jeans really, they just aren’t going anywhere. This variation of the braid is probably my new favourite. I can’t believe it took me this long to figure it out, and now, I find myself doing it constantly to makeup for its previous absence in my life.


8 thoughts on “How To: The Waterfall French Braid

  1. Havent given it much of a try, but i think this is so simple yet so classy. I will be trying this eventaully, and WILL become a master at it:)

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