Wedges for Summer: Tory Burch Tarlen Wedge

After last week I think its finally time to get away from boots, closed toes, and Fall themed footwear. Lets just enjoy these last few days of Summer while we have them.

Tory Burch’s Tarlen wedge really sums up what this summer has been about. We’ve seen a return to the 70’s across the board, a crapload of colour blocking, the return of nautical and the use of unique materials. This wedge certainly has it all, which really is quite impressive- mixing every theme from the past season in a manner that does not play it safe nor produces a disastrous result.

With a 4.5 inch wedge and a full 1 inch platform, this shoe is almost certain to be comfortable. I personally love the touch of gold hardware detail in the rope straps, its rather sneaky don’t you think?

The Tarlen wedge can be found at any Holt Renfrew or TB location for a reasonable $295. Perhaps they’ll be going on sale soon as the Summer begins to fade? Hmmm…. For more Tory Burch, click here.

Sorry for the short post today and the lackthereof yesterday. Life has been busy and now it is time to get pretty and head off to my new school for a meeting. This evening I’m headed to the Ceremonial Guards final party- perhaps I will have some pictures to share with you as I plan on getting a little glammed up!


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