There’s a Snake in My Boots! Valentino FW 2011

Flipping through the pages of Fashion or Vogue magazine you may have seen these before. They are the boots worn in one of Valentino’s FW 2011 ad campaign and the same ones featured in their runway show back in March. Pretty great right?

Usually when we think of ‘snakeskin’ and ‘boot’ combined we immediately make assumptions of some over the top, gauche accessory. Thankfully Valentino keeps it cool and proves us wrong, once again. What a feat it is to create such a chic boot with a pattern as this. Seen with slim dark trenches and long jumper cardigans, this boot is here to do justice for the fall, and beyond.

Valentino has also released boots in a similar cut in solid leather colours and fine lace as an alternative for those who aren’t brave enough to work with the reptile print. For more Valentino’s FW 2011 RTW go to to see what actually went down at their runway show.


2 thoughts on “There’s a Snake in My Boots! Valentino FW 2011

  1. These ARE pretty nice, not gaudy at all! I personally like snakeskin pumps over the boots, though I did see some fantastic all black snakeskin rainboots at the mall the other day…

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