Hey How Are Ya? Mukluks for Fall

It is 25 degrees right now and I have been a little skeptical about posting these for a while but I’m going for it. Now before you say anything (because everyone right now is probably thinking “Seriously, mukluks?”) just remember I said it is boot week. That is my one reason for this. My other is that these are friggin cute and I can’t wait for a little snow!

Mukluks, translation: “warm, cute boots that are an alternative to Uggs.” They’re pretty and they bring out your inner Native. Wear these and you can appreciate the Canadian north a bit more- being warm in the crisp season to come. Although they are technically more of a wintry boot, they are perfect for those especially cold fall days.  It’s kind of like having little wookies on your feet! Today I’m saying mukluks for Fall because knowing me I’ll find something very similar for winter that I’ll want to share.

Wild grey rabbit fur, soft suede and handbeaded designs, an authentic pair of these boots are really just Native style couture for your feet. For more Authentic Canadian Mukluks click here.


4 thoughts on “Hey How Are Ya? Mukluks for Fall

    • I used to be unsure about the tassels too but you get used to them pretty fast- to the point that the boots would be weird without them. Its part of the traditional design for some nations. I’m not sure why they are there but they look fun when they bounce around your feet as you walk!!

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