On the Darker Side of Things: Dior RTW FW 2011

Earlier today I was emailing and texting back and forth with my Aunt who is always generous enough to keep an eye out for me when it comes to shoes and fashion. I was writing to her about a few of the fall colours we can expect to see this season. As I wrote, I thought to myself how strong of a presence colour itself is making this season. I’m particularly bias as these dark hues are the ones that attract me the most. A large portion of my closet consists of articles that are plum, deep red, steel blue, and black.

This evening I’m going to let Christian Dior do the talking. I think this will provide an explanation of why I am so partial to certain colours, better than I ever could with words. They kind of remind me of the Alexander McQueen boots I shared with you when talktomyshoes was first being launched. Photographs courtesy of vogue.com.  Christian Dior FW RTW 2011:

Did I just hear you say “damn” outloud? No, no, it’s okay, I don’t blame you. For more Christian Dior click here.


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