Black to Burgundy: BCBG Boots for Fall 2011

Lately I’ve been really attracted to things that can only be described as pretty. I mean, I’ve always had an eye for what is ‘pretty’. For me, the definition of the the p-word can usually be defined by something light pink, shiny or sparkly, soft or overall romantic. Sure sometimes when you read this blog you would never guess through all my sarcasm and occasional snide remark, but really I do love “pretty”.

Not only have I been after all things pretty lately, I have been after boots. The following to me is quite the combination of the P-word and my favourite accessory that starts with the letter B: the Charlotte High Heel Leather Boot.

Yeah, I admit I have a crush on these boots. And the best thing is they are from BCBG, thus they are a little more realistic for us all. And they also come in burgundy and black. I think I want three pairs. A closed toe, suede and leather contrast boot sounds like a pretty good way make it through the fall. Although I’m usually a little skeptical about a thicker heel because I find the chunky look difficult, I find even that to work on these boots.

Expect a few pairs of boots coming your way on talktomyshoes. I am ecstatic for boot and sweater weather to be heading my way again.

For more BCBG click here.



One thought on “Black to Burgundy: BCBG Boots for Fall 2011

  1. I felt like you were describing me! I speak sarcasm fluently but man oh man do I love pearls and sequins. Those boots kind of remind me of ’60s go go boots! I would have trouble styling these though things are easier to dress when you have them in person. I’m so excited for all the boot posts!


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