She Said “Yes!” (To a Pair of YSL Sandals of Course)

Continuing on from yesterday, I saw these sandals and actually said, “Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!” This ladies and gentlemen is an example of sandals done right.

The Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Sandal proves itself to be “The” sandal. Know what I mean? It’s classic design has a so not boring twist; intertwining textured leather straps, airbrushed with metallics, 4 inch heel, 1.5 inch platform. The house of Yves Saint Laurent really really knows how to do it right.

Although the Tribute sandal apparently comes in every colour imaginable, I picked this pair particularly for the mixture of black and gold.

This is a metallic finish that isn’t overdone. It’s not tacky “goin’ to the club” metallic that you see at Urban Behaviour and all those crapish places. It is “I’m going out for dinner where the salad costs more than my apartment” metallic. Classy metallic. Gold and black leather classy metallic sandals. See why I said “yes” so many times when I found these?

For more Tribute sandals, more Yves Saint Laurent, more Tom Ford (plz) and some more just general goodness, click here.



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