In the (Perfect) Hue: Yves Saint Laurent to My Rescue

I have been on the hunt for the most perfect pair of purple shoes for a very long time. Can you believe that out of all of my closets, there is not a single pair of purple ones to be found? I have some with purple detail but it is just not the same. For some reason, and I cannot completely explain why, I am overly particular about this hue of shoe and nothing seems to do it justice (or so I feel). That is, until I recently found the winning pair, here, by none other than Yves Saint Laurent. Go figure. So often I find that purple shoes look cheap. Obviously these ones don’t have that appearance in the make and design, and certainly not the on price tag.  For a mere $895 you pay for not only the YSL name but a comfortable 4 inch heel and 1.5 inch platform, and the softest leather known to man, printed to look like a sting ray. I say it is a deal.

I have also been looking for quite a while, a perfect pair of blue shoes. I think I’m just having trouble finding shoes in the colours I want that don’t look tacky and cheap. I have successfully teal, and seafoam, but for some reason I don’t have the right shade of blue. I’m talking the blue that would be made by Cookie Monster, inspired by Cookie Monster. While on the hunt, once again, Yves Saint Laurent takes all my problems away. Thankyou Mr. Tom Ford (ps. I love you!!!!) I know that blue is going to be big this fall, I’ve been saying it and we’ve been seeing it for some time now. If I had my pick though, I think I’d still go with this pair. What particularly catches my eye, other than the shade of course, is the shape of the inner stiletto. Also like the Trib Too High heel in purple shown above, the Palais high heel pump in electric blue suede also sports a 4 inch heel and 1.5 inch platform.

How great it is to finally find the shoes I’ve been dreaming of… I think I’m going to have trouble sleeping tonight.

For more from Yves Saint Laurent click here.

5 thoughts on “In the (Perfect) Hue: Yves Saint Laurent to My Rescue

  1. OMG those purple platforms are AMAZING. The colour, the style, the material, did I mention the colour! Wow. Are you getting a pair?

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