Getting to the Pointe: Christian Louboutin for the English National Ballet

I am spending this week out in Calgary visiting family and working (my fathers- thankyou daddy!) credit card. Yesterday was day one part one of my mom and I’s shopping palooza. You see, some people go shopping for an hour or two, buy a cable knit from the Gap then peace out back home to continue with there lives. My mom and I take shopping a bit more seriously. For us, shopping is an extreme sport filled with multiple purchases, coffee breaks, trips to the car to store our bags in the trunk (so we can buy more). Shopping always comes with a lunch break and sometimes includes a set of malls. So long as we are home in time to feed Casey and put the breakfast dishes away, we are good to go.

Yesterday when we were out shopping I picked up my first pair of ballet slippers (yes, legit ballet slippers) in probably just under a decade. This summer I’ve rediscovered the joy of dance and have been inspired to start up again this fall. There is no need to post my slippers today but would like to share with you these, courtesy of Tori.

Christian Louboutin does it again. He seems to do whatever “it” is quite regularly, don’t you think? Taking things to the next level, Louboutin created these 8 inch heels (holy shitballs, I know!) covered in strass crystal to up the ante of what is happening in the shoe world. But really, they were designed to be actioned off to benefit the English National Ballet. It is not the first time the designer has admitted to using dance and movement as his muse.

Now to be fair, before you think that their pointe (hahaha) less and impossible, let me just say that they are doable. Painful, but doable. Probably a terrible choice for in the club or chasing a cab, and certainly inappropriate for parent teacher interviews, but I’m sure that someone other than Lady Gaga can rock these. Not me though, if I’m standing directly on my toes, I’d love a satin shoe with a woodblock and a little lambswool under my toes. Oh, and add some pink ribbon too.


5 thoughts on “Getting to the Pointe: Christian Louboutin for the English National Ballet

  1. Wow, you and your Mom sure are serious shoppers. All day long, sounds like fun. Congrads on your new ballet slippers. Have fun shopping here.

  2. Thanks Brian!!! Shopping is a serious affair. Made a trip to Arnold Churgin today, scored some blue suede cowboy boots, looking forward to posting them!!
    Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it on Thursday, maybe next time!
    Thanks again for stopping by, your comments and visits are always welcome =)

    • Hah! Arnold Churgins. Love that store. I can’t wait to see some pictures of the boots. They sound awesome.

      No worry about today. Just thought if you were in the area we could meet. Keep havin’ fun and happy shopping

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