Nicholas Kirkwood: Eclectic Chic

Good morning and happy long weekend!! I’m spending this week out west in Calgary so it is a little iffy to say how much I’ll be sharing with you, regardless I will try my best to post (and probably purchase) as many shoes as possible.

I’ve mentioned Nicholas Kirkwood more than a few times on this blog. And rightfully so; his designs always throw you through a loop. These boots in specific are from his Fall 2011 line. I find the colours and contrast between the solid red, and seafoam print brilliant- two shades most would never dream of matching together. The yellow laces with the bead detail, the cut of the platform (look below the toe) as well as the boot itself, and the angle of the stiletto, it really is mismatched perfection.

I’m starting a hunt this fall for the perfect bootie. Something a little more sensible- meaning closed toe and easy to workwith. However, heel height is not a problem. Booties for me are always hit or miss, these ones above obviously are a hit but don’t you find that so many times they just look like something J-lo would wear? I find it a little frustrating but perhaps I am too picky? Or, perhaps I should just start designing my own shoes.

For more from Mr. Kirkwood, click here.

ps- Do you have a favourite pair?


4 thoughts on “Nicholas Kirkwood: Eclectic Chic

  1. WOW Mr Kirkwood has nice stuff. You should start designing your own shoes and boots. Why not? You’d be great at it.

    Have fun shopping in Calgary. Hope you get lots of deals.

    If you’re over at Market Mall Thursday morning between 10 and noon watch for me. I’ll buy you a coffee. I’ll be the guy wearing ballet flats.

  2. Thanks for the visit!! Designing shoes is a dream I would love to pursue later in life.
    I am SO excited for some shopping out here- definitely hitting up Chinook and Southcenter!! I haven’t been to Market Mall for years, it would be nice to stop by but its not my end of town. I’ll see what I can do.
    Maybe we will get some good news of those fulton moccasins sometime soon?

  3. Hey, It’s up to you (only if you want) I could come down to either of those malls. If you want.

    Lynn at Market Mall keeps saying the Mauve MK moc;s are coming. Yahh!

    I’ve got some good girl friends at Chinook. Whitney at Coach, Nicole at Town Shoes and Leah at Sterling. They will treat you right

    Have fun

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