Shoes for Summer/ Shoes for Exile: John Galliano’s Last Dior

As much as I would like for it to be Fall, the fact is, we still have a few weeks of summer left. Thus, I must suck it up, continue to wear bright colours and eat some gelato. Speaking of bright colours, (I know I am a little late on this but I was avoiding the whole John Galliano episode) lets take another look at Dior’s SS 2011 line… Racist or not, you have to admit that Galliano makes great shoes. Infact, Galliano makes great everything. He obviously had some sort of safari theme running through his head. Perhaps what he would like to pack when he is exiled from the fashion community? Ouch! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Regardless of what happened, I still respect him as a designer. Seriously, look at this line. The colours are fantastic and the materials are equally fantastic. I left out many pairs from this season, just because there is so much. The line also included some cute floral sandals, and flats in about a trillion colours. For more Dior click here.


2 thoughts on “Shoes for Summer/ Shoes for Exile: John Galliano’s Last Dior

  1. I would wear every single pair of these shoes! If I wasn’t a poor college students and had tons of money, I just might buy them all…except the red one with the black twisted heel. Those look more like art than footwear. I would be afraid to wear them!

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