Fall 2011: Chloe Tucson Leather and Metal Riding Boots

This girl is waiting for fall with open arms. Yes, I do enjoy summer, I like the fact that I am not freezing but I do admit that I’m getting rather tired of being hot. Autumn is my season. The colours, the smell of maple everywhere, crisp fresh air and mixing sandals with scarfs, and boots with t shirts. I like wearing jackets and being cozy.

These Chloe boots are one of the first pairs I have found this early in the season that I absolutely adore. If you listen closely enough they will whisper the words “buy me” in your ear. I think they are constantly whispering in my ear. I am a huge fan of the equestrian chic look. Maybe a little traditional Ralph Lauren-esq, maybe a little Spruce Meadows vibe, whatever it is, I am in full support of any eighteenth century trend (not just in fashion) to reoccur.

I’ve seen a few pairs of riding boots this year that have really caught my eye. What sets this pair apart is that they are made of camel leather. Fantastic right? Obviously. The leather colour is complimented by silver hardware. I’ve said it before that the Chloe fashion house is known for its simplicity in design- these boots once again don’t stray far from that comment.

I’m looking forward to finding out what pair of new riding boots I’m going to end up with this fall… Hopefully we will soon be finding out.

Chloe Tucson leather and metal boots are net-a-porter for $1030.

For more Chloe click here.


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