Mulberry’s 40th and the Perfect Oxford Shoe

Remember a few months back when I was asking readers about Oxfords and how I was on the hunt for the perfect pair? Well, this afternoon I feel as if the search is over… or the question is answered and a targeted hunt should now commence. Introducing Mulberry’s hedgehog metallic leather oxford. The colour is great- totally reminiscent of the “Woodwinked” eyeshadow by MAC. I love the little beads on the ends of the laces and the overall design- quite detailed but totally muted by the solid colour of the material. Love love. Love.

And best of all, it is Mulberry’s 40th birthday this year, what better way to celebrate? I’ve always like Mulberry’s designs. It truly is the English countryside juxtaposed into fine leather bags, shoes, and clothing. It’s kind of what would happen if we took J.R.R. Tolkien’s closet and redid it for fashionable young women.

For a little Mulberrys Fall 2011 action, check out this video.


2 thoughts on “Mulberry’s 40th and the Perfect Oxford Shoe

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