Personal Post: A Taste of Summer 2011

Just a little taste of what I’ve been up to this summer….

Going for fancy dinners. Sabine dress by Wilfred, Tonne sandals by Michael Kors. Good looking Captain. This is after a very full meal at the Rockcliff flying club’s 50th anniversary dinner.

Hanging out with Royalty. T and I were so close to Will and Kate we could have licked them. I even saw Will lean over and whisper to Kate “Omg look over there, thats Talktomyshoes!!”

Going to sweet light shows.  (Wow I totally just misspelt “shows” “shoes”… I think I have a problem) While most nation’s parliaments are secure, Canada has sound and light shows, and kitties.

Visiting with family. My aunt and uncle came out from Calgary for a few days, hit up a few museums, and ate some amazing food.

Teaching piano. Sometimes my students need reminders not to look at their fingers when they practice. Writing it down doesn’t usually work but my drawings generally do. Yes. I drew that.

I’ve been spending most of my time preparing for September. This is what I’ve been working with lately…. not sure why “It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny” is in the pile, nonetheless, it is a great book.

Watching my fair share of guard mounts (Band of the Ceremonial Guard). Accompanied by many chai lattes and poptarts.

Hanging out with E. Normally he is sporting shorts and a pair of Adidas kicks but sometimes he likes to dress up. Going to parade is my way of visiting him at work. Dress: Darling Buds of May by MinkPink.

What have you been doing with your summer?


2 thoughts on “Personal Post: A Taste of Summer 2011

  1. Ummm can I just say that you being that close to Will and Kate makes me extremely jealous!? Looks like an amazing summer so far! Other than blogging I’ve been shopping until I drop and getting in shape for a cruise in the Caribbean. 🙂 Love your blog as always.

    • Amazing!! I’ve been doing alot of shopping as well…. I just don’t have pictures of me doing so- it may get me into trouble how much I’ve gone…!
      Enjoy your cruise! xo

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