Hot Sandals for Hot Weather: Dolce & Gabbana

Up here the heatwave continues, thus my hunt for appropriate footwear also continues. It honestly is too damn hot for heels, flats, or anything other than sandals. So until then, how about these Dolce and Gabbana sandals from their SS 2011 collection? I haven’t seen a flat sandal in a while by them that screams the D&G name any more that these do.

Lightweight, grossgrain, leopard print, with metallic inserts I don’t think I can really say no to these!!

Anyway, I am keeping it short this evening, it is currently too hot to type. So I end by asking, what are you wearing to beat the heat?

Happy Friday!!


4 thoughts on “Hot Sandals for Hot Weather: Dolce & Gabbana

  1. Those sandals are gorgeous! And they look comfy, too. It sounds like it’s unbearably hot where you’re at but I’m so envious of your weather! I’m hoping summer returns to us in Seattle soon 🙂


    • I absolutely love the design of these sandals!! You’re right, they are totally gorgeous.
      It shouldn’t be this hot as I live in Canada but apparently it was hotter than Texas the other day… I wouldn’t mind trading a day or two of Seattles weather.
      Thanks for stopping by.

      PS- Seattle is hands down my favourite city in the States. You are so lucky to call it home!!

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