Too Hot for Anything But: Gucci Metallic Leather Sandals

While I enjoy fancy gladiator sandals and strappy summer footwear, I still enjoy (most of the time lately) just a good pair of flipflops. In doing this however, I’m forever on a mission to make sure I’m not sporting a $5 pair from Old Navy. This is not only because I prefer not to wear cheap rubber on my feet, but because cheap footwear- especially sandals always seem to cut up my feet.

Sure, any sandal BUT the flipflop is in right now, but there are sure places to search to make sure I enjoy a nice (sometimes gem encrusted!) pair of easy to slip on sandals. No buckles, no effort. If the heat makes me lazy, I take the excuse to find pretty, chic, lazy, beat the heat sandals.

Today is going up to 46 degrees Celsius where I am. Today, would be a good day to wear these- if you dare go outside.

I wish this image did them better justice. They are so simple and amazingly wonderful. Gucci metallic leather flipflops. I think the name sums them up…. Gucci- check, metallic pretty colours- check, comfortable and quality leather- check, no buckles easy to slip on goes with everything flipflop- check.

For more Gucci (FW 2011 has arrived, even not for sandals, go check it out!) click here.


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