Flats for Fall: Tory Burch Reva

Its been a while since I have posted a pair of shoes that cost less than a couple thousand dollars and are easy for everyday use. This morning I am going to change that trend with something comfortable, chic and affordable: the Reva flat from Tory Burch.

The Reva flat, named after Tory’s mother (maybe one day there will be a Brenda flat!! hehehe) appears to be Burch’s standard flat. Probably comparable to MK’s fulton moccasins in a way.

Reva shoes seem to come in every pattern and print imaginable: snakesskin, leopard, plum, navy, black… pretty much everything. You can click here to check it out yourself.

Made with a leather upper and rubber sole, Burch’s flats guarentee some pretty easy comfort. I love it when I feel dressed up in a good pair of flats and I’m sure in these you get to walk around with the little added luxury of the words “Tory” and “Burch” echoing in your head with each step.

I especially love the structure of these metallic straw ones. Perhaps it is time to save up and go on a little Tory Burch hunt…?

For more Tory Burch, complete collections and what is currently on their menu, click here.


9 thoughts on “Flats for Fall: Tory Burch Reva

  1. These really are amazing flats. Sadly I’ve never seen them in the stores out West. I have seen women wearing them but I’m too shy to ask where they got them. Have you seen them in the stores out East?

    Hope you survive the heat/humidity, feel free to send some heat my way.

  2. I’m sure between the Fulton Mocs and Revas I have pretty much every colour I’ll ever need. I love them both. Thanks for the kind words, the toffee/royal tan ones are very nice and casual looking for me. The peacock blue and classic black with gold or silver do tend to create a bit of a stir with some people. Oh well, not really my problem, it’s more theirs, haha

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