Christian Louboutin: Samira Strass

I’ve featured more than a few pairs of Christian Louboutin’s lovely work on this blog. From the feather fluffy heels to the bollywood/Marie Antoinette influenced limited edition shoes, this blog has seen quite a bit of Louboutin. And I have no reason to stop. I meant to share these with you yesterday but as my life tends to busy and apparently full of spontaneity, it is only now I have found both the time and the energy (I only have a small amount… must nap…) to showcase to the world a little more CL.

We’ve seen strass covered Louboutins before- this is certainly not the first time, but something about the sapphire tone puts this piece of footwear in a league of its own. The Samira pump holds a classic shape and a reasonable 4 inch heel. It’s part of Louboutin’s bridal line and certainly provides whoever’s special day it is with their “something blue”. Described as “jewelry for the feet” I feel the mere 3 grand before taxes is justified… Mind you, that this is coming from the girl who thinks the name Christian Louboutin can justify any price. Remember when I shared with you the blue Manolo Blahniks Carrie Bradshaw wore in the first Sex and the City movie? Well as much as I love those, they have some competition.

For more from Christian Louboutin, strass pumps and more drool-worthy shoes, click here.


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