Spot On for FW2011: Penelope and Coco

There are so many shoemakers, designers, labels, &c. out there in the shoe world, it really is a little crazy. Stop. Think about it. How many shoe designers can you name off the top of your head? Probably alot more than you realize. Yet we never get a chance (sometimes we don’t want to though…) to try everybody’s designs and naturally stick to our favourite “go to” names and places. This blog is no different, in the same way I keep going back to certain stores for shoes, I keep turning to certain designers to write about. However, on this lovely Saturday morning I would like to branch out and head towards a name that I’m not as nearly familiar with as I am those in my previous posts: Penelope and Coco. You might have heard the name before… You may have seen their shoes and not have realized it.

This morning I stumbled across these AMAZING, totally not boring in any sense, DALMATION print, booties! With a mouth-ful of peanut butter I honestly exclaimed “Oh Hooray!!!!!” Hooray? Yes. I totally danced and said it aloud and wonder if my neighbours heard. But seriously now! You can’t deny how exciting these are! Suede, 2 inch platform, 6 inch (holy shitballs!) heel, rubber tread, laceup closure. Yum yum yum! The Edie bootie from Penelope and Coco’s FW2011 collection also comes in a boring black suede.

For more from and about Penelope and Coco, check out the website here.

ps- These are totally puppy-friendly shoes; so friendly I’m sure Casey (my puppy) would try and take the insoles out of them regardless of the print..


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