Chanel Paris-Byzance: Inspiration from a Lost Culture

Lets take a moment to continue yesterdays celebration of Karl Lagerfeld’s creativity with just one more piece from Chanel. This sandal is straight from the Paris-Byzance themed spring 2011 collection. Inspired by the lost culture of Byzantium and Coco’s gripoix jewelry, this collection demonstrates simple yet exquisite cross-pollination of the modern day and pre-Constantiople times. It is so amazing that one’s mind can create chic designs from such disjunct influences- Byzantine Empire? Firearms? and turn it all into something for the present day fashionista.

This sandal, belongs to this collection along side its brothers and sisters of equal perfection. I chose this sandal as it was the one piece of footwear that spoke the most to me, my style, and my equally twisty mind. Lagerfeld’s message is clear in this sandal; there is no room for guessing his intentions but plenty of room for building upon these ideas.

Lagerfeld isn’t just taking this seasons muse to footwear and clothing but makeup as well. I’m not going to take the time now to discuss the cosmetics line, but I do encourage you to check it out.

For more from the Paris-Byzance line and to view more of Lagerfelds creative capacity, click here.


One thought on “Chanel Paris-Byzance: Inspiration from a Lost Culture

  1. These shoes are stunning. I love Chanel. I love shoes. I love Istanbul and Turkish culture/history in general. I think those three things qualify a purchase, right? 😉

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