Piped Pumps for Summer: Brian Atwood 2011

Brian Atwood is an undeniable force in the world of shoe design. His personal involvement in his label is obvious through the architecture of his shoes; reflecting his own knowledge of construction and design.  After working his ass off with our buddies over at Versace, Atwood finally kicked off his own line in 2001. His products are created entirely in Italy, and similar to other high fashion labels like Hermes, draws his audience as a result of the lines chic exclusive allure.

These Darcel pumps from Atwood’s summer 2011 collection clearly demonstrate  the makers knowledge of architecture. A simple slingback with a piped pump easily creates a newness to the traditional shoe. I love the versatility of these and the materials used. Was Brian picking Stuart Weitzman’s brain or was it the other way around? Either way it doesn’t matter as both pairs kick my ass.

Notice the curvature of the stiletto as well. Pretty amazing and very untypical (wow, spellcheck isn’t coming up for that, is untypical really a word?).

Atwood’s piped pumps come in a selection of materials and colours including some pretty fabulous (and apparently quite popular) metallic silver.

Atwood proves his creativity in taking the piped pump design and transforming it into yet another soamazingi’mnotquitesurewhattodo shoe. Also from the summer 2011 collection (obviously because if you can’t see the relation you probably shouldn’t be reading this page and get your eyes checked) the Rene sandal. This time instead of cork, the material has been replaced with suede. I would really love to hunt these down. Sure, it’s a very summery sandal but we can be sure that blue is going to be absolutely everywhere this fall. Keep your eyes peeled. Again with the lines, the line of the stiletto; the asymetrical lines of the straps across the foot. Clearly another intelligent design from an intelligent designer.

For more Brian Atwood click here.


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