Rose Gold and Glitz: Michael Kors Chronograph Watches

Remember that amazing watch I was telling you about? The one I had been ogling for months and could never quite save up for…..because I’d buy shoes instead. Well this is it. And its been mine for a while now (because I would have it no other way!) thanks to my lovely parents and a new degree.

Michael Kors Glitz Chronograph watch in rose gold… though I don’t think my image here looks quite as rosey as it should. Regardless, pave crystal insets on bezel, rose-golden face, 3 subdials, stop watch and pure amazingness. Love. It.

Mr. Kors has his watches made by Fossil, ensuring some great quality for his MKaholics and other consumers.   I’m a little lost for words on the fabulessness of this watch. However, I will say that I’ve always wanted a mens style watch. This one is perfect because it holds such a masculine shape on my tiny wrist, while the crystals provide an undeniable femininity and add a little ‘glitz’ to any outfit.


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