Retro Pumps at Banana Republic

Keeping this one quick as I am exhausted from my first dance class in 8 years and have been feeling a little flu-like. Ugh.

Since I’ve been hired for September I’ve been really keeping an eye on business attire. I spotted a girl today in a loose white peasant shirt and grey dress pants and I honestly thought to myself “ooh good idea!!” It really looked perfect. As professional attire has been on the mind, it was only natural to look in my closet. You may surprised to say that there was only one pair of plain black pumps. Yes I have about a trillion pairs of black pumps, but you know those classic ones (like Kates manolos I posted last week?) that are a staple and easy go to? Yeah, I only have one pair. Something that needs to be changed. So of course I started browsing a bit online.

I love Banana Republic yet I rarely scope out their shoes and purses. I found this pair of Garrah retro pumps online and have concluded that the answer is clearly yes. I do.

Isn’t the toffee brown fantastic? Leather, sensible height (for teaching grade 2 and music!!!), cushioned and perfectly perfect. I can’t wait to pick these up, it is a must. Perhaps a pair in black as well? Done.

For more for Banana Republic click here.

PS- oh man does this want me to start watching MadMen again!!!!



One thought on “Retro Pumps at Banana Republic

  1. Congratulations on the new job. That is such a classic style of pump and the color is awesome. I’m sure you’ll rock them. I have a few pairs of similar pumps in black and black patent made by Nine West and dark red patent made by Roberto Vianni. The toffee color is great. What colours clothes are you going to wear with them? I have a pair of boots in that colour but I’m never sure what colour clothes to wear with them. These knee high boots

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