Canada Day Fashion and the Mystery of the Red Shoes

Alright, so it took two whole days to recuperate from my Canada Day festivities. Actually no I lie. It only took one day of E and I watching 7 hours of Harry Potter and another 3 hours of playing nintendo. The other time has been spent searching and following our new Princess;s attire across the country and forcing myself to teach some piano. Kate showed up to Parliament Hill (and waltzed by me quite closely (twice) at the National Gallery!!!! We were so close but it is too long of a story so perhaps I’ll tell the tale later) wearing her Reiss Nanette dress. Recognize it? Yeah, you sure as hell better. Now after reading countless reviews of the Princess’s choice in attire for my nations birthday I have to say that I completely disagree with everyones argument about the dress. “She recycled the look” “She overdid it with the fascinator with maple leafs and matching shoes…” “The Queen’s brooch was too much” What I say to all of those people delivering such comments: you are all complete fools. The look was not too busy and it would have looked awful if Kate didn’t match something to her fascinator. And, if Queen Lizzy lent you her maple leaf brooch you should and would accept it, then proceed to rock the look come hell or high water. Anyway, enough with the little rant.

After gracing the Royals with my presence not once, but twice Friday morning I began to face quite the pickle, and it was not concerning the best place to go to watch the fireworks. I had spent much of the afternoon trying to figure out exactly what shoes Kate was wearing. Obviously a sensible girl, she rocked these red pumps.

Unfortunately I didn’t find this picture until the next morning after July 1. I saw them as she climbed into the landau and was almost certain (apparently along with the rest of the world) that she was wearing a little Stella McCartney. Fooled I was as I later found out, after someone other than myself did much sleuthing, that it was the square cut court shoe by Albini.

Go figure they are sold out everywhere. And I would really love a pair of simple everyday red pumps. These heels also come in black (if you can find them in either colour anywhere at this point I’d be quite impressed!) I love how the shoe is cut straight across. You hardly see designs like this that often anymore. Clearly classic but unique in the tiniest details. On that note, take a peek at the back, the line created toward the back of the heel updates the classic pump.  I could go on about these shoes for a while as red shoes are extremely difficult to pull off. Finally I’ll just say, ladybug red!!! What a fantastic shade.


One thought on “Canada Day Fashion and the Mystery of the Red Shoes

  1. Thanks for finding a few pictures of Kate red heels. They are amazing. I haven’t seen that straight cut either for many years. I did dig through my closet and found a dark blue patent pair that are straight cut like that. The toes are not pointy and the have a chunky heel but I like the square cut of them. I haven’t worn them much. I think I bought them about 10 years ago

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