Middleton in Manolos: The Royal Couple Hops the Pond

There is approximately one hour and fifty-one minutes until Canada Day, and myself along with the rest of the country has Will and Kate fever. The couple landed in Ottawa this afternoon to join me in the festivities and the shit-show that will be taking place in this city on July 1st. Now we all know how much everybody loves the Royal Couple and I will tell you that I am no different.  To be honest, and not to sound crazy, but I f-ing love Kate. She’s beautiful, well spoken, seemingly easy to relate to, is a fashion icon, has class, and most importantly, knows her shoes.

Kate left London rockin’ a pair of one of my favourite designers shoes. “Calogera” by Manolo Blahnik is obviously classic, I don’t even have to explain. Leather pointed toe stiletto with a subtle trim around the edges. What else can I say other than good choice? Easy to wear, but not easy to find. Apparently Amazon Japan is the only spot where these can be found- so far. Perhaps if I am lucky enough to get a chance to speak with her tomorrow I’ll ask.

Leaving London she also rocked a Mulberry Polly Push Lock bag in midnight (autumn winter 2011 pre collection). Doesn’t it just make you want to raid her closet? I wish I had one of these lying around, the pebble-grain leather really sets the tone for the bag while the lock pulls the rest of it together (I suppose quite literally in some ways). These bags are definitely available at Mulberry for only a measly $1300… (I was just hired as a teacher for September- this is a total teacher bag!)

Upon arrival in our Nation’s Capital I honestly was not surprised to witness some LK Bennett so quickly. When I think of our new Princess, I also think of that label as I feel that she truly put it on the map (okay, it was on the map before, but now its like, really really on the map). We’ve seen this pair of LK Bennett Sledge2 pumps before. How refreshing it is to see an icon reuse their clothing and accessories!!! More proof that Kate knows a good pair of shoes when she sees them. Like the Manolos above, these pumps go with everything. Leather, slight platform, nude colour to elongate her already long legs and match absolutely everything. The best part? Like the Mulberry bag, you can find these; unlike the Mulberry bag, these shoes are affordable.

Tomorrow morning I’m heading up to Parliament Hill to join in the festivities and be the proud Canadian that I am. Likely more to come on Kate’s shoes, certainly more on my shoes, and maybe something about somebody else’s shoes.




5 thoughts on “Middleton in Manolos: The Royal Couple Hops the Pond

  1. Hope you had a great time at Parliament Hill and a fun Canada Day. It looked like there was lots of people there. I hope you got to see Kate’s dazzling red heels. She looked awesome in that white dress with the red bonnet and red heels. I never did see a close-up picture of her heels but I couldn’t take my eyes off them in the pictures I did see of her.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks!! Canada Day this year was amazing, I was so excited to see the Royals I felt like I was a teenager seeing NSYNC! hahaha. The whole city was buzzing with energy.
      Kate truly is a radiant person and I definitely did catch a glimpse of the red heels!
      Thankyou again for the comment, I always enjoy reading what you have to say.
      I hope you’re doing well!!
      PS- I’m getting excited for some mauve fulton moccasins!!

      • What a truly memorable experience. You are so luck you got to be there. I’m jealous

        I was at Browns Shoes today, I think the mauve Fulton mocs will be released for the Fall season. Thats what they tell me. On a good note I did buy myself (another) pair of the tan Puma Rhythm flats. I also have them in black. They are so comfy. I guess I’m living proof of the saying “you can never have too many pairs of ballet flats” This is what they look like. http://www.flickr.com/photos/39715038@N00/5891925804/in/photostream

        Hope you’re doing well too, I good Thx 🙂

        • Wow! Sounds like you’ve been doing some shopping. A little jealous over here!! I’ve never tried Puma flats but they always look super comfy and seem to have a bit more support. Definitely something for me to check out! Thanks for the visit!!

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