Hermes vs. Hermes: Kelly vs. Birkin

Oh the great debate… Kelly vs. Birkin. For some this is a question as great as those we face while looking for meaning of our existence. Kelly or Birkin, Kelly or Birkin….

Although Hermes obviously needs no introduction as we are all aware that it is the ultimate luxury name, the ongoing dispute between the two most coveted bags may need some refreshing…

The Kelly bag, originally created in 1938 and known as Haut à Courroie was later renamed “Kelly” after the actress had been using the bag to shield her baby bump (containing Princess Caroline) from the public. It was then after that the Kelly craze really hit. The Kelly bag, perhaps not as popular as the Birkin goes for about 8 months rent, 90some pairs of Buffalo Jeans or $10,000 cash. Some feel its the more “classic” of the two, refined and simplistic.

Back in 1981ish Jane Birkin had the luxury of hanging out next to the president of Hermes on an airplane. The tale says that Jane reached into her Kelly and had all of her crap fall out of her bag as a result of over stuffing it for its size. The president then was inspired to create a larger bag with more compartments. The result was the creation of possibly the most coveted bag in the history of mankind, the Birkin. Birkins as opposed to the Kelly start at about the equivalent of 5 months rent or 70 pairs of Buffalo denim jeans, or, about $7000 cash.

Now all of this isn’t to say that you can just waltz into your nearest Holt Renfrew and pick one up- unless you are heading to Holts in Calgary to pick up that red crocodile skin, diamond covered version for a sweet $198,000… (Dear Dad, Christmas is coming…). There is at least a five year waiting list for either of the two bags- Hermes has about two thousand workers and one bag takes at least 25 hours to create; do the math, it makes sense. Oh, and, I heard somewhere that Hermes breeds their own crocodiles! Does anyone know anything more about this? Petting zoo?

So after all of that, what kind of girl are you? I’ve always been drawn to the Birkin naturally but thats just me.

If you’re wondering more about the process of creating these bags and for a further explanation of why they are the absolute best, check the video below.




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