Toms: One For One

In the midst of all of the excitement that occurred this past Saturday, I suppose I forgot to mention that somewhere between haircut, chai latte (tabata?!?!) and E and I going to the musical ride, I scored my first pair of Toms.

Okay, perhaps I didn’t “score” them as I was the one in complete control, handing over my debit card at the cash. But it was for a great cause, and I don’t only mean my personal cause to have more footwear and the perfect pair to match my new Guess capris (now that was actually a score).

With every pair of Toms purchased, the company will match a new pair of shoes to a child in need. Pretty great right? New footwear all around! Toms has given over 1 million pairs of shoes to children all over the world. By giving footwear to these people, they are at lower risk of infection and diseases found in the soil, injury, and even a chance at education (shoes are a school uniform requirement in some areas). For more information about the One For One campaign and Toms check out the following video.

Toms Womens Classics come in an array of colours and patterns. They’re extremely comfortable and their simplicity makes them easy to add to any outfit. Oh, and they’re very reasonably priced- pick up a pair for $50. Not too shabby right?

For more about Toms shoes and how they are going to save the world click here, it’s really worth it- the shoes and the cause.


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