What the Hell is a Tabata? The Name of Some Amazing Sandals, Apparently

Tabata is a word that I’d imagine only has to do with some weird foreign greyish smelly dip for vegetables that I would never touch. “Would you like the tabata?” “(me:)Certainly not.” “Could you pass some tabata?” “The tabata is delicious.” Turns out, the word “tabata” luckily does not mean that at all. It is the name for (apparently) some sort intense ninja-like workout and, after much research, it is also the name given to a very beautiful pair of sandals. Let me explain…

Yesterday was one of those extremely busy and extremely wonderful days. I am paying for it now out of exhaustion. I woke up early, had my pb on toast, some wicked peach juice, and headed off to the hair dresser to chop my hair. After receiving one of the most amazing haircuts I’ve ever had (even though it feels really short despite it still being halfway down my back) I decided to treat myself to a chai latte as a reward for my hard morning. While standing at the counter waiting for my drink, wondering if the barista screwed it up, I noticed Tabata…. or what I was calling them at the time “omgsandals”. This girl was wearing these sandals and I could not stop staring. Usually I can get over other peoples footwear quite easily but these left me confused. I finally commented to her on how wonderful they are and asked who made them. Miss Sixty of all things. I’ve never seen anything by that label that I like as much as these. The image truly doesn’t do these sandals justice. Anyway, during any downtime I’ve had up until now I’ve been hunting for these via google with all my skill. Googling “Miss Sixty” and “Brown Sandal” or any combination of the two does not slim things down much.

I love the brown/black combination of this footwear (also comes in grey), so often its brown or black, but this really works. Also, the buckles, they were so simple and shiny that they appeared to be alot more than some sort of stainless steel.

The point is, tabata sandals by Miss Sixty are apparently amazing. I hereby justify my statement as a witness to the footwear in Starbucks Rideau Centre on the 25th day of the 6th month, 2011. If anyone knows of a place to order these online please share the love.


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