Dancing Shoes: A Design Influence

Last month when I was at home my aunt found out about my blog. She is the one that took me to Arnold Churgins straight from the airport last summer, latte in hand. This being said she naturally is into shoes, and being a relative of mine, how could she not be?

She is also this fantastic dancer.

Dance in society has always been an influence in fashion and I see no other culture that embraces the two together as much as in Buenos Aires. The costume of the Argentine tango has been a fashion staple and influence to designers for centuries. And of course, the closer we get to its origins on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, the more undeniably obvious it becomes. These people are seriously crazy about shoes. It really is fantastic.

Anyway, back to my aunt. She (being a ballroom dancer, and all-round amazing person) sent me these pictures that her husband took while in Argentina. The dance influence toward design is potent. The result: respectable and classic. As if a romantic/classic era was caught and tucked away in the present.

Crazy amounts of shoes right? And, crazy amounts of style. Nothing gauche here. If only it were like this everywhere.


ps- Check out this amazing site about hot history crushes!!! Click here.


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