Billie Achilleos and the Louis Vuitton Little Critters

Every home needs an interesting piece of art or furniture to make it the owners own. It gives that defining characteristic to the mode and style of the room and its overall atmosphere. At home in Calgary my parents have a large hippo that hangs out infront of the fireplace. For others it might be a shag carpet or something by Andy Warhol. For me, it’s a 3.5ft hedgehog that I named “Dane” from Ikea.

I’m aware that I just posted some Louis Vuitton quite recently, but I stumbled across these and just had to share. To celebrate Louis Vuittons Mon Monograms service for small leather goods, British artist Billie Achilleos was commissioned to create 4 different animals completely out of Louis Vuitton bags and accessories. The result is sheer brilliance.

It’s beyond amazing what Achilleos was able to do with the leather bags. Created were a beaver, chameleon (favourite!!), armadillo and a grasshopper. Knowing the extremes I would go through to obtain the perfect Louis Vuitton bag I am scared to even think of the lengths I would endure to get my hands on one of these. *le sigh*

You can really tell when an artists work is a success. I can ensure this project is truly a success as I am sitting here, quite enjoying the grasshopper critter… thing. Which in regular everyday life, I’d probably be a little uncomfortable. Remember those Marc Jacobs mouse flats? Same principle.

Billie Achilleos is a versatile artist and maker of things from the UK. To check out her blog (which you probably should) click here.

For more about the Louis Vuitton critters and Billie, check out this sweet video (that apparently is absolutely everywhere). It’ll show you more about the creation and construction of our new little LV friends.


2 thoughts on “Billie Achilleos and the Louis Vuitton Little Critters

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