However Cool Your Dad Is, Mine Is Cooler

So yes this is technically a fashion blog, but as I am two timezones away from my Dad on Fathers Day I am going to take advantage and deliver a present via

My dad is the flippin’ coolest person I know. Or at least the coolest person above 50 that I know. Check out how badass we are together (above). Here he is even pretending to be as smart as me.

But really, he’s the smartest person I know (we’re talking like, could probably beat Plato at scrabble); not to mention quite the sartorialist.

See? Fashionable, I told you. He always rocks sweet outfits whether its something I picked out from Banana Republic, an offensive cowboy shirt with black and red flames up the sleeves, or a sweet pair of ropers.

Like father like daughter?

My dad is brutally honest and I think that its one of his best traits. It’s refreshing, and pretty humorous 100% of the time. He also is a genius astronomer and a crafty woodturningperson. My dad is a racecar driver and a U2 fanatic.

My dad has the most pairs of sunglasses out of anyone I know. He makes the dollarstore ones equally cool as his Oakleys, which is a feat that I’m afraid not even Audrey Hepburn or James Dean can pull off.

My dad also helps save the planet by cleaning our oil and gas from its dirty dirty sand. This way he not only helps the oil, gas and our cars, but the sand. Some people might think that this is ignorant. But those people are probably stupid and jealous that they didn’t think of the idea first. I think its heroic.

My dad is the best person I know. I’m really lucky to have him and hope that he has a Happy Fathers Day. Love you Daddy.

Ps- rofllol just for you


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