1UP for Converse: Collaboration with Nintendo

To celebrate one milestone with another, this is Talktomyshoes 50th post and thus felt no better way to celebrate than with poptarts and a little Nintendo. Readers, friends, it is not only a big day for myself but a big day day for Nintendo…. err… a big year for Nintendo- Mario has turned 25!!

What a ripe old age; and as a result of the 25th anniversary celebration, Nintendo and Converse Japan has miraculously collaborated to bring to you (or the people of Japan because unfortunately thats where you have to go to pick them up) some of the most badass kicks I’ve ever seen!

Converse presents to us 3 shoe designs available as of July. Each pattern is presented in classic 8-bit printed on canvas. The classic Converse logo has even been updated with an invincibility star!!

As I write this I realise that it is the first time I’ve ever featured a pair of sneakers on my blog. For a girl that constantly writes and wears about sky high heels and flats, you probably would never guess that I enjoy rockin’ a comfy pair of sneakers too. Yet here I am, ogling. If only they made these with the original Legend of Zelda- I’d be on the next flight to Tokyo to pick them up!!

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