Of Course I Speak French: Louis Vuitton? Oui!!

A little Louis Vuitton for your Wednesday afternoon- to avoid the heat.

After recently flipping through the pages of Vogue I spotted a fun pair of heels (below in pink) shown in an article for Resort 2012 street style. This caused me to scope out the Louis Vuitton website to hunt for the shoes immediately after I had read the article. The outcome? The discovery of a whole plethora of LV footwear that I will be dreaming about for the next few weeks. Here I would like to share with you, over my afternoon tea, my favourite findings and what I don’t have room for on my Visa card…

It was the pink pair on the right that I originally discovered just this afternoon. I suppose I didn’t pay nearly enough attention to LV’s spring 2011 line when it was first viewed. After hitting up the Louis Vuitton website I discovered the pair on the left, which surprisingly I’m more partial towards, despite my love of everything that is pink. Artifice ankle strap sandal in mixed patchwork.

Now, seriously, how pretty are these? Pretty shoes to compliment my pretty Darling Buds of May dress? I really wish that was the case. I would wear them with everything. Even Pajamas. Catania slingback in textile.

I love the next two pairs of shoes because of how classic Vuitton they are. Open toe, platform, cutecutecute laces in the front and of course the classic Damier Azur canvas. Who wouldn’t want to rock a pair of these Palm Beach pumps? You’d have to be an idiot not to be on board with them. Plus they perfectly match the Damier Azur canvas purses, and we all know how important it is to match your shoes to your purse…

The Santa Monica sandal in monogram screams a bit more spring/summer (wow I just made a typo writing “supper” instead of “summer” hungry much?) to me. I’ve also seen these sandals in black but I prefer the white for the season- it compliments all the nautical hype so well!!! However… I would also have to pick up a pair in black, who says you can’t have the same shoe in every colour that it comes in?

Anyway, love the cork, love the heel. Love Louis Vuitton.

For more Louis Vuitton click here.

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