Minkpink: Darling Buds of May Sundress

Every summer I invest in a new dress which is to be my “it” dress, my go to dress for the summer. It is what I get the most use of, and never have to second guess my decision to throw it on. Last year it was a black floral lace dress from Guess which I bought instead of an air conditioner (smart!); the year before that, I purchased a black strapless dress with teal buttons and pink asymmetrical stripes running over it from Lacoste. This year I (or my dad apparently) went towards Minkpink for this beautiful piece of art.

My parents are currently visiting in Ottawa, and as a congratulations for obtaining yet another degree I’ve received a watch, a new bedside table, Shania Twains new book and apparently a shopping spree. My daddy, one who does not shop often, but is the kind of man that doesn’t half ass anything and is not afraid to go full out, escorted me into my fair share of stores this morning. During this epic adventure he pulled out this dress by Minkpink which I am now in love with.

Designed in Australia, Minkpink is still a label that I am getting used to. Yet, I feel this dress completely embraces what the design stands for: a hint of vintage, feminine, light and versatile. I am so stoked to wear this in the 30 degree heat later this week.

The Darling Buds of May sundress has a perfectly fitted bodice (on me at least) hidden zipper, LINED (yusss!!!) and an aline skirt. If you are as excited as I am to wear it I suggest you go click here and head to Minkpink to find out more!!


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