Enzo Angiolini Does It Again

If you are a person that knows me, you are a person that is probably well aware that I am attracted to shiny things. And yes, although this includes crystal earrings (thankyou E. I’m wearing them right now) and glittery eyeshadow, this also includes tinfoil and gum wrappers. Despite my silly fear of birds, sometimes I feel as if I am part magpie.

A while ago I strolled into Nine West with a good friend and automatically found myself ogling these. At first it was merely a result of the sparkle and shine, but really as I undergo’d an inspection I came to know that these shoes are as amazing as the glitz they portray.

Enzo Angiolini shoes have always been some of my favourite that nine west offers. Infact my first pair of black pumps ever were constructed by the line and I am proud to say, despite a few lift repairs, I am still proudly rockin those shoes.

Classy, not painfully high, and possibly visible from outerspace, these shoes are definitely an asset to any closet. Don’t wait for an occasion to purchase them, make them, the shoe, the occasion.

For more Nine West click here.


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