Jedi McCartney and the Hippy-Chic Shoes

Lets kick back to 2008 with a little Stella McCartney, shall we? The boho trend was certainly not new at the time, but you and I could both agree that it is approximately when it really gained some real thunder, and ever since, has had a strong influence on creative fashion design.

Sadly though, this hippy-chic trend is not for this steak-eating, diesel-loving, bootin’-scootin’ Albertan that I am. I have no desire to lay in the grass, wear ponchos, eat vegan food, sport headbands that make me look like a native (nothing against natives!) or live up to whatever stereotype is built around the trend.  However, I DO have the desire to wear these shoes. Infact, they would have complimented my rather simple outfit this morning at work. I am a believer that a little bit of something can go a long way, and throwing in a little bit of outside influence can really make an outfit interesting.

Like many trends, I agree with this one in small doses.

Perhaps I’m so drawn to these shoes because I see outfits and have ideas in my mind that extract it from its unique fashion genre and throw it into my own personal style. I am drawn to these shoes because I see a tiny tiny product of one trend that I’m not on entirely on board with (or at least not with the extremeties of the style) that I could actually see myself wearing, and loving.

Stella McCartney must be a jedi, I think she’s playing mind-tricks on me.




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