Magically Cool Liquid Powder

Good Evening to my good friends! Do you remember once upon a time, say, last fall, when Mac Cosmetics released that AMAZING disney villains line? I do, and I also remember cringing a little as I passed my visa card over the counter to the mac girl whom I’ve come to be on a first name basis as a result of such endeavours. Anyway, the hull included lipsticks, glosses, shadows and a crapload of Cruella DeVille. What the hull did not include was the Magically Cool Liquid Powder that I had regretted not purchasing since….

Luckily about a month ago, Mac re-released Magically Cool Liquid Powder to its permanent line, enabling me to fall in love with the product! What the hell is liquid powder you say? Well…. it is exactly what it sounds like. Its a finishing powder used to help set and enhance your foundation and its made out of 70% water! I shit you not, when you apply the powder it feels like a cool mist over your skin. So refreshing, especially after the 40 degree humidex we’ve had up in Canadia today. It’s like taking a drink with your face- but not your mouth.

Liquid powder comes in 3 shades, Truth and Light, Honey Rose, and Cajun. I’m really excited about the new permanent addition to the Mac family (and my tub of Mac products) and you should be too.

For more liquid powder click here! You know you want to.



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